why fiberglass?

Fiberglass pools are highly adaptive to their environment and the pool of choice for all soil conditions.  Although fiberglass pools cost 30-40% more than vinyl lined pools, your savings in maintenance costs over the life of your pool makes it the best choice of value and long term investment. Fiberglass pools are constructed off site and transported to your job site. Compared to Gunite (concrete) and vinyl alternatives, fiberglass is the easiest to maintain, with no resurfacing or liner replacements required. Fiberglass does not alter the water's chemical balance and uses the least amount of chemicals compared to Gunite and vinyl. It's smooth, gel coat surface holds bacteria and algae at bay - saving you time and cost on cleaning and chemical treatments. 

HCA Pools' fiberglass pools are less prone to degradation than other pools like Gunite and vinyl. It's smooth, non-abrasive surface is slip-resistant and easy on the skin, swimsuits, and feet. Stairs and seating are built into the pool shell. We offer many models with entry and exits at both ends as well as walk-around ledges. This enhanced feature provides a safe place to stand or walk around the perimeter of the pool for kids, adults and pets. Built-in shallow entry steps and underwater swim-out seating makes it a comfortable pool for friends and family of all ages.

HCA Pools offers the lowest maintenance and operating costs of any in-ground pool!