1. What is the cost?

For rough pricing purposes:

Small Pools (16-ft to 23-ft) $50,000-$60,000

Medium Pools (24-ft to 32-ft) $60,000-$70,000

Large Pools (33-ft to 40-ft) $70,000-$80,000

2. Is financing available?

Yes, here are some financing companies we partner with.


For borrowers with good to excellent credit*

Viking Financial

650 minimum credit score*


650 minimum credit score*

3. Do I need a survey, site plan or plat?

Yes, any of these are required for permitting. Your site plan needs to show the individual lot and dwelling (house) drawn to scale showing the setbacks, easements, property lines, and septic field (if applicable). Please note this is REQUIRED for apply for permitting, so if you don’t have one, you’ll need a survey, which can take 8 weeks or more.

4. How can I get pricing?

That’s easy! Let us know which pool you’re interested in and we’ll provide our standard package pricing. 

5. When do we need to meet?

Once you’ve reviewed the preliminary proposal and wish to move forward, we’ll schedule an on-site meeting to discuss the project details and review our process. 

6. What’s included in the standard package?

Since we are a small, quality-driven company, we typically begin our pool consultation process with a quote for our basic "turn-key" pool, also known as our standard package pricing. After that, we are happy to set up an in-person consultation to customize your pool according to your wishes and needs. Our standard package includes everything you need, including fully automated Hayward Omni equipment, 500 sqft of concrete decking, skimmer, net, light(s), etc. See attachment below for an all-inclusive list of what we provide. 

7. Can I customize my options and make additions?

Yes and yes! We designed our standard package simply for those who don’t wish to make add-ons etc. You can customize with extra lighting, water features, coping, decking, and more! Some common add-ons include pool covers, heaters, and chillers.

8. How do I schedule my pool installation?

Upon contract signing and payment of deposit 1 (20%), clients are scheduled and provided an estimated start date. We also apply for permitting and order your pool from the manufacturer.

9. What color options can I choose from?

We offer six shimmer finishes that can be viewed here.

10. How long is the installation process?

On average, installation is about 30 days, but may vary based on project complexity and unforeseen circumstances, such as weather. Basically, we try to get in and out within 30 days, with some projects completed in as little as 2-3 weeks. 

11. What is the payment schedule?

Deposit 1 (20%) - Due at signing 

Deposit 2 (35%) - Due one week before excavation 

Deposit 3 (30%) - Due once the pool is set and backfilled

Deposit 4 (15%) - Due at completion of the contracted work

12. Do you obtain permits?

Yes, we handle permitting and all-required inspections. 

13. Do you handle HOA Approval?

No, HOA Approval is the responsibility of the homeowner.

14. Do you supply water to fill the pool? 

No, the homeowner is responsible for providing the water supply to fill the pool. We recommend contacting your local water company in advance or considering a water truck.