Installation process


Once permitted, we will mark the pool placement and use a dig sheet to determine how deep to excavate the hole for your pool. We use an excavator to dig the hole as well as lift and set the pool. The skid steer is used to move dirt and gravel. Excavation usually takes one to two days, depending on the size of the hole and how long it takes to dispose of the dirt.

Stage 2: gravel foundation

After excavation, we will lay a 4" layer of gravel in the hole for the pool to rest on. Since this gravel base determines the height of the pool, we use a laser level to set the gravel at precisely the right elevation. This typically takes place at the end of day one or the beginning of day two of construction.

Stage 3: pool delivery

The pool is usually delivered on the first or second day. Depending on the project, we we will unload it with the excavator, crane, or boom truck to set it on the ground, and begin installing the fittings and plumbing around the pool.

Stage 4: SETTING THE pool

Once the pool has been lowered into the hole, all levels are checked to make sure that it is perfectly in place and ready to be plumbed and backfilled.

Stage 5: Plumbing & Backfilling

The basics of plumbing the pool include fitting a skimmer box, installing deep end suction fittings, and return fittings. PVC pipe is installed from these items to the pump and filter. We also recommend the installation of a groundwater access pipe/hydrostatic pressure release. After those steps are completed, the pump, filter, and optional salt system are installed.The pool will be simultaneously filling with water while it is backfilled to provide equal pressure and stability on both sides of the fiberglass walls.

Stage 6: POOL Pump & Filter System

The filter system includes the pool pump and the filter. The pump circulates the water and the filter removes debris and small particles from the water. Typically, you’ll find other elements in the same area of the filter system, such as flow valves, salt water chlorinators, a switch for the pool light, and a heater if desired.


Once the pool is backfilled, re-enforcing rebar is attached to the perimeter of the pool for strength. After the rebar is bonded/grounded, concrete is poured approximately 8” thick around the perimeter, which creates a mechanical lock. This footing/bond beam makes the pool much stronger and gives stability to the coping finish. A bonding inspection will then take place.


Once the bonding inspection is approved, we are ready to install the coping around the top of the pool shell and the patio. At this point the concrete decking, pavers or combination of the two are installed around the pool. Integrating accessories and features such as handrails, ladders, water sheers and deck jets are installed at this time.

Stage 9: pool completion

With the pool decking complete, the pool is officially turned over for the owner to enjoy!

The patio can take anywhere from two to five days to install depending on the size and material used.